Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bỏng Gạo or Rice Crispy

I still remember that bỏng gạo - rice crispy - was one of my favorite childhood snack in Vietnam. Why? It was cheap enough for a kid to afford within a tight allowance. With just 2 cents at that time, you could buy a hat full of rice crispy, and it could last a loooong time if you know how to eat and save, eat and save. Unlike my big brother, he loved to eat a mouthful of rice crispy, but not me. I preferred sitting in a quiet corner and enjoying one by one. 

The other day when wandering the cereal isle at Walmart looking for some cheerios for Sophia, I bumped into this:

Kellogg's Whole Grain Toasted Brown Rice Crispy

I'm so glad I followed my heart to give this a try, hoping that it would give me a trip back to my childhood. And yes, it does!! It's crispy, tasty, and above all, it made from brown rice. It is perfect for me when I am in the process of controlling my sugar level. Even Willie and Sophia love it @-@

Just realized this is the first food that I ate in 2013. Way to start a new year!

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