Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Mom, Thanks For The Genes!

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Sophia, which meant I was strictly on a diet. I counted the carbs I ate, I measured my drinks, I timed my blood checkings, I checked my pees every morning. I still remember I was sitting at my dinning table and counting the twisted pasta because I could only eat 63 pieces according to my calculation. I counted the chips for snack time, about 12-15 pieces.

And the most terrifying thing: I was always hungry. All I wanted at that time was to pop the baby out so badly so that my diabetes would go away. I even wrote a list of things I would eat right after labor, and let me tell you, the list was long!

So after Sophia was born, I had all the reasons in the world to eat whatever I wanna eat: to satisfy the hungry beast in me, and to have more breastmilk for Sophia. My weight of course when UP! From size 0 jeans straight to size 4 or sometimes 6, so scary that I preferred to jump into the easy-to-wear dresses that just slightly hug my body. And the worst thing is: no one told me that I was fat. I guess 1) they love me too much that they don't want to hurt my feelings or 2) I am always beautiful in their eyes.

By the time I was on a vacation to Miami with my family, I was fat as a flawn! It was 5 months after labor. Even I myself didn't realize that I reached a point that defines "fat" is "FAT", not "fat" is "you-are-just-wholesomely-gaining-weight-because-you-are-nursing". Until one day I looked at the pictures we just took from the trip to the Southernmost Point of the US below:

Picture taken at the Southernmost Point in Key West, FL with my beloved family ;)

OH MY GOD!! I asked my gorgeous sister-in-law and beautiful mommy that I was fat like a pig in that dress, why no one stopped me from stepping out in that dress and even posing so many photos. They both said there was nooooo wayyyy I was fat! I LOVE them both to death!!

Lucky enough, I don't have to do any exercises to come back to my pre-pregnant weight, ever! When my body "realizes" it's time to be back to how it used to be me, then it finds its way! Dear mom, thanks for the genes! Now I am wearing my size 0 jeans again! 9 months on, 12 months off! I am so happy to be me again!

Picture of the fabulous me in my size 0 jean will be updated tomorrow if my husband or Willie know how to point and shot a perfect picture, which I doubt!

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